Portfolio United Food Group (UFG) includes a segment of non food and more than 10 recognized product brands that have become synonymous with high quality and original unique taste in dozens of countries around the world. A special place in our portfolio and in the hearts of consumers won products under the brand World of Tanks, massively multiplayer online games in the style of action, at the moment, we are the only licensees of World of Tanks products in Russia. KraftHeinz - baby food and groceries. KraftHeinz is one of the largest food producers in the world. As well as cheese balls Cheese ball & Cheese curls from the world famous brand "Planters". Now United Food Group makes them available throughout Russia.

Russian Army
Kraft Heinz
Baby food “Umnitsa”
Baby food “SAMI S USAMI”
Ketchup Moya Sem’ya
Ketchup Picador
Ketchup Heinz
World of Tanks