Ketchup Heinz

Products under the brand heinz occupy a leading position in more than 50 countries, but the first place among all our products is the most loved in the world of heinz ketchup. Ketchup Heinz has been produced for more than 140 years and remains invariably popular due to the highest quality of natural ingredients, thick consistency and rich taste of tomatoes. Heinz uses more tomatoes than any other company in the world. Annually, more than 2 million tons of tomatoes are processed, which are then used for the production of ketchup. Over a year, more than 650 million bottles are sold, which speaks best of its wonderful taste. The composition of the Heinz ketchup includes only natural ingredients: tomatoes, salt, sugar, natural vinegar and spices. Heinz does not contain and will not contain dyes, preservatives and starch.

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