Mark Sevouni

Mark Sevouni - the fictional character, the founder of a shokolateriya who became "face" of the new and actively developing brand of the Sonagro company. Under the name of Mark Sevouni chocolates (weight and in boxes), dried fruits in chocolate, a dragee, tiles and other products from chocolate are issued. The basis of Mark Sevouni was formed by the concept city to a shokolatya, a series of chocolates and tiles of Urban Chocolatier (City chocolate) was issued. Working on packaging creation, designers of Backbone Branding studio (Armenia) selected the image of 6 large cities of the world with urbanistic symbolics, characteristic of them: Amsterdam — the bicycle, Berlin — Volkswagen Beetle, Rome — the scooter, London — a phone booth, New York — a taxi, and for Paris — Citroën. The bright palette of packaging which became a basis for attraction of a look of buyers was the successful decision of designers. Colourful boxes with the stylish image look beautifully, democratically and perfectly correspond to a youth brand. Mark Sevouni - the elegant candies with a stuffing of allsorts made of dark and milk chocolate. Gentle sweets charm refined taste and grant pleasure in combination with a glass of good wine, a cup of fragrant tea or coffee.

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